Bennett's Hymn and Cocktail Sticks transfers to Duchess

Untold Stories, Alan Bennett's double bill of autobiographical recollections Hymn / Cocktail Sticks, which is currently playing a couple of times a week at the National Theatre, will transfer to the West End's Duchess Theatre for a regular run, opening 2 April 2013, following previews from 22 March - booking to 15 June 2013. (Public Booking opens 24 Jan 2013).

Alex Jennings repeats his performance as Alan Bennett in both pieces.

HYMN, directed by Nadia Fall, is a 'touching memoir' of music in childhood, with words by Alan Bennett and an' evocative score' by George Fenton.

COCKTAIL STICKS, directed by Nicholas Hytner, revisits some of the themes and conversations of Alan Bennett’s memoir A Life Like Other People’s. A son talks to his dead father as his mother yearns for a different life.

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