Beyond Beauty by Ron Hutchinson at The Last Refuge

Rebel Theatre presents Beyond Beauty by Ron Hutchinson, directed by Simon Pollard , at The Last Refuge, in Peckham, south London, from 27 Nov to 15 Dec 2012.

Cast includes Bevan Celestine, Sophie Robinson, Natalie Harman, David Eaton, Cate Hamer, Richard Cunningham, Greg Tannahill, Katie Scarfe.

In a dusty, forgotten corner of a London industrial estate, surrounded by churches, warehouses and small businesses, there is a castle: cobwebbed, ivy-strewn and destined to remain asleep until a certain princess is awoken by 'that' kiss. We all know it as the end of the Sleeping Beauty legend: but Beyond Beauty tells the story of what happens after the kiss. One hundred years after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, Beauty wakes up to find herself in a world quite different from the one she remembers.

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