Blood Privilege by Don Fried at White Rabbit Theatre

Second Skin Theatre presents Blood Privilege, by Don Fried, at the White Rabbit Theatre, Stoke Newington, north London, from 27 Mar to 14 April 2013.

Directed by Andy McQuade, designed by Ana Ines Jabares, lighting by Anna Sbokou & Sarah Crocker, sound by Luca Romagnoli.

Cast includes Mia Zara (Elizabeth Bathory), Ross Mullen (King Matthias), George Collie (Baron Sigray), Eloise Black (Katalin), Janet Horn (Szilva), Ashley Merat (Count Thurzo), Dan Shelton (Nadasdy/Pataky).

The historical Elizabeth Bathory was orphaned and vulnerable early in life although she rose up to become one of the most formidable women in Europe. She was not left untouched by her struggle to power: Elizabeth is rumoured to have tortured and murdered over 600 women. Her exigent life was one of the inspirations behind the vampire myths.

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