Boy In A Dress/The Cosmos, The Cosmetics

The Ovalhouse, Kennington, has announced two plays as part of its spring season 'If only...' for Feb-Mar 2012.

14 Feb 2012 - 03 Mar 2012 (Theatre Downstairs)
Boy In A Dress by La JohnJoseph. Cast Includes La JohnJoseph, Anna Lewenhaupt. Autobiographical, political, raucous and accidentally profound, Boy in a Dress details the life thus far, of one third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-fashion model from the wrong side of the tracks as she moves from the council estates of Bootle to the strip clubs of San Francisco, via Penny Arcade’s living room. Embracing themes as apparently diverse as Catholicism and drag, public sexuality and body dysmorphia, La JohnJoseph brings together an outrageous but heartfelt slew of true-life tales presented as monologues, and studded with reworkings of iconic songs from wide ranging artists such as Leonard Cohen, Justin Vivian Bond and Cole Porter.

16 Feb 2012 - 18 Feb 2012 (Theatre Upstairs)
The Cosmos, The Cosmetics, written and performed by Nick Field. Nick grew up in a remote British village, and from the moment he discovered that orange squash could make fantastic lip tint, he knew he was going to have to search for a place to belong. Beginning his quest in his bathroom, and suffering hair dye experiments and a disintegrating family, he found himself discovering a new world of potential scenes. Nick has been mono-chromed in Goth clubs, fluorescent in new age field parties and expelled from the pastels of small-town royalty.

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