Brainville at Night at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Angel

First Draft production company will present Brainville at Night by Alexander Maschos at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Angel, Islington north London from 15 Apr to 3 May 2014.

This new production follows a limited run at the Jack Studio Theatre in 2013, and is a result of the company's ongoing development of the piece through workshops, reading and 'scratch' performances to the now full length play. It is directed by Matthew Parker, and stars the original cast which includes Robert Hickson, Illona Linthwaite, Sophie Dora-Hall, Julia Faulkner, Louise Torres-Ryan and Eddie Usher.

"Step into the belly of the Blue Whale, where the dancers are hot and the music is cool. You’re handed a drink sent over by a mysterious woman at the end of the bar and she invites you to take a trip on her own unique rollercoaster..."

Brainville at Night explores the cognitive disease that effects nearly a million people in the UK - dementia. Using human stories, the piece uses music, movement and projection to create an experimental look at the challenging disease.

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