Brotherly Love by David Schaal at Pentameters 7 Feb

Brotherly Love, written & directed by David Schaal, at the Pentameters Theatre, in Hampstead, north London, from 7 to 26 Feb 2012.

Cast includes Edward Law (Barry), Math Sams (Ian), Eva Gray (Carla)

A family feud can go on forever. For Barry and Ian, one has festered for decades. Now the time has come for these teenage punks turned middle aged adversaries to put it to bed. But are the grievances too huge to settle? Who really wronged who? And who will pay the price? Silver tongued ex-junkie Barry is the last person his high-flying barrister brother wants to see on the eve of an important dinner party. His colourful language and lurid accounts of a drug fuelled past don’t sit well with the opera loving Ian and partner Carla, as they prepare to launch Ian’s political career. But as memories surface and old hostilities revive, it becomes clear that Barry is not the only one with an addictive personality.

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