Cargo at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston

Metal Rabbit Productions presents the world première of Cargo, a new play written by Tess Berry-Hart, which will run at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, east London, from 6 July to 6 August 2016, with an official opening on 8 July.

Directed by David Mercatali, the play features designs by Max Dorey, lighting by Christopher Nairne and sound by Max Pappenheim.

Synopsis: "A group of exiles sit in the dark of a container ship with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their wits to rely on. Their homes have been destroyed and their lives upturned, forcing them to take a great leap into the unknown. As they journey ever closer to their destination in the hope of finding a future, they question what awaits them and if those who pose the greatest threat to their safety might in fact be concealed amongst them. But where have they come from? And who are they?"

The production is described as a "tense and provocative thriller that reveals just how much people are willing to risk in search of a better life" and is inspired by writer Tess Berry-Hart’s experiences as a founding member of Calais Action, a grassroots collective run by ordinary people to help tackle the current refugee crisis.

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