Cast announcements from the Hampstead Theatre

Hampstead Theatre, in north west London, has announced the cast for two productions that will be running over the spring months.

Hampstead Theatre Main Stage ...
Matchbox Theatre: An Evening of Short Entertainments is Michael Frayn's first new work for the stage since 2008 and will run from 25 April to 6 June 2015, with an official opening on 4 May 2015. Cast includes Esther Coles, Tim Downie, Mark Hadfield, Chris Larner, Felicity Montagu and Nina Wadia. The production will be directed by Hamish McColl with set design by Polly Sullivan, lighting by David Howe and sound by John Leonard.

Synospsis:"A series of conversations, sketches and meditations with the Michael Frayn twist - which takes a look at how we live today. Blurring the boundaries between his work for page and for stage, it begs the question – are these mini-plays or short stories?"

Hampstead Theatre Downstairs ...
Deluge by Fiona Doyle, directed by Anna Ledwich will run from 16 April to 16 May 2015. Cast includes Elaine Cassidy, Gary Lilburn, Edward MacLiam and Charlotte Randle.

The play won the Eamon Keane Full-length Play Award 2014. It will be designed by Moi Tran, with lighting by Elliot Griggs and sound by James Frewer.

Synospsis: "There’s a furtive presence on Joe and Kitty’s farm. Precious feed is mysteriously disappearing from the hayshed and prized livestock is being slaughtered at night whilst sinister shadows lurk in the darkness. With fodder running out and no money left, Joe and Kitty, like their desperate neighbours, will stop at nothing to protect themselves and their cherished land. But at what cost?"

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