Cast Update for Globe's The Merry Wives of Windsor

Cast update for William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, which opens at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, 19 Aug 2010, following previews from 14 Aug - running to 2 Oct 2010.

This production ran at the Globe in 2008, and many of the same cast return, including Christopher Benjamin (Falstaff), Serena Evans (Mistress Page), Sarah Woodward (Mistress Ford) and Andrew Havill (Frank Ford). The cast also includes Nathan Amzi; Gareth Armstrong; William Belchambers; Philip Bird; Peter Gale; Michael Garner; Gregory Gudgeon; Andrew Havill; Jonty Stephens; Sue Wallace; Paul Woodson

It is directed by Christopher Luscombe, designed by Janet Bird .

The fat knight Sir John Falstaff imagines that Mistress Ford and Mistress Page are both taken with him and so, attracted as much by their husbands’ money as their personal charms, he decides to woo them both. But the women are up to the old lecher’s tricks and turn the tables on him with a series of humiliating assignations, midnight terrors and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket.

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