Celebrity Night at Cafe Red at Trafalgar Studios 2

Celebrity Night at Cafe Red, written and directed by Lily Bevan, opens at the Trafalgar Studios 2 theatre, on 21 Sep 2012, following previews from 20 Sep - running Thursdays to Saturdays to 6 Oct 2012.

A black comedy. Saturday Night at Cafe Red, the frenchest chain restaurant in town, with plastic onions, checked tablecloths and rustic provencal paraphernalia to prove it. But this is a night of change, of fresh ideas – visiting Celebrity Chef Extraordinaire Roly Ryan is in the kitchen whisking up trouble. How can he know his diners havealso brought their own unusual ingredients to the table?

Starring Dominic Burdess (Maitre D’), Alys Metcalf (Waitress), Mike Wozniak (Roly), Jeany Spark (Lucy), Lorna Beckett (Lizzy), Victoria Lloyd (Brianca), James Rastall (Ben), Sarah Lambie (Sabine), Leo Staar (Harry), Lily Bevan (Hillary).

Designed by Giuseppe Belli , costumes by Emma Belli, lighting by Christopher Nairne, sound by Emma Laxton. Produced by Osip Theatre and Lucy Pattison.

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