Comic Potential - Tower at Theatro Technis Theatre

Tower Theatre presents Comic Potential, by Alan Ayckbourn, at the Theatro Technis Theatre, a 120-seat fringe venue near Camden, north London, from 21 to 25 May 2013.

Directed by Victor Craven, cast includes Andy Murton, Ian Hoare, Richard Kirby, Matthew Vickers, Michael Bettell, Helena Franklin, Courtney Farrow, Simona Hughes, Anne Connell, Janet South .

A romantic sci-fi comedy set in a TV studio in the foreseeable future, when low-cost androids (known as 'actoids') have largely replaced actors. In the near future, a leading android develops emotions and an aspiring writer falls in love with her. But where he sees potential, others see malfunction.

A post show Q&A session will be held on Friday 24th May with actress Janie Dee, the original Jacie Triplethree in the original Scarborough production and London & New York transfers. (NOTE: Janie Dee is not performing in the play!)

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