Coming up at the New Diorama Theatre from Oct to Dec

Coming up at the New Diorama Theatre, a fringe venue near Warren Street, central London, from October to December 2010.

28 Sep to 2 Oct 2010
BURN MY HEART, Based on the award-winning novel by Beverley Naidoo. Presented by Trestle Unmasked / Blindeye. Set during the Mau Mau uprising in 1950's Kenya and the ensuing bloody State of Emergency, two boys' lives are changed forever as their friendship and loyalty are blown apart by fear and betrayal.

5 to 23 Oct 2010
9:21 TO SHURB HILL, by Waxwing Theatre. A toddler rushes onto a morning train carriage, scene of the daily grind, a rhythmic routine, cramped and crowded amongst strangers. Suddenly, the lives of the passengers begin to change: they begin to remember... Waxwing Theatre present their own brand of uplifting, thought-provoking theatre, with a rich mix of physical theatre and puppetry.

9 to 27 Nov 2010
THE ROBBERS, by Schiller, new version by Daniel Millar and Mark Leipacher. Presented by The Faction Theatre co. Tackling violence, class, religion, civil liberties and state intervention. Franz is a cold, cunning manipulator obsessed with materialism, embarking on a quest for money and power. Karl is an attractive, charismatic rebel, hiding out in the forest and inciting an anarchic revolution. They couldn’t be more different. Yet these two brothers are locked in a dangerous competition for their father’s love and a vast inheritance.

30 Nov to 23 Dec 2010
GRANNY’S CHRISTMAS JOURNEY , a children play by Quicksilver, starring Carey English.Performed with puppets. A silly argument with her daughter, all that time ago, threatens to put a dampener on what should be a happy occasion. Onie is desperate to see her granddaughter Bella, whom she loves so dearly. Determined to put things right, Granny Onie sets out on a journey to make things better, but when she loses Bella’s beautiful gift she unexpectedly remembers what is was like to lose things when she was a child. (For children 3 to 5 years and all grown ups.)

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