Coming up at Waterloo East Theatre Feb - April 2011

Waterloo East Theatre, a fringe theatre under the railway arches at Waterloo East, has announced its programme from Feb to April 2011

8 Feb to 4 March 2011
4 plays by 3 playwrights, performed by 1 company of actors. Bender, by Anna Jordan. Inspired by stories and anecdotes posted on Facebook! Laundry, by Jo Stokes. Puts the spotlight on the eccentric behaviour of a young American woman recently scorned by love. Tatchell, by Jonathan Bonfiglio. Stephen has just worked on politician and activist Peter Tatchell’s failed election campaign when a former romance finds her way back into his life. Shortstuff, three shorts plays by Anna Jordan.

8 March to 2 April 2011
The Watcher, by Jeremy Paul, directed by Roger Martin. Presented by Fresh Look Theatre. Starring Donna Air, Jon Shaw. A psychological drama about power, status and gender politics. A woman, alone in a park, is sunbathing. A stranger approaches. There is a sense of danger as they observe each other. Through a series of twists and turns an uneasy power struggle intensifies until truths are revealed. But who is watching whom? And why?

5 to 10 April 2011
Accidental Death of an Anarchist , by Dario Fo. Translation by John Laskin and Michael Aquilante. Presented by Love&Madness. Based on the strange case of anarchist railway worker Giuseppe Pinelli, who was accused of bombing a bank and later 'fell' to his death from a 4th floor police station window in 1969.

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