Count Oederland at Arcola Theatre Jan 2012.

Count Oederland - A Crime Story In Ten Scenes, written Max Frisch, translated by Michael Bullock, is at the Arcola Theatre, east London, from 10 Jan 2012 - 21 Jan 2012.

Directed by Christopher Loscher, design by Mike Lees, sound by Philippa Herrick, lighting by Vivienne Clavering, produced by Cerberus Theatre.

A private act of revolt becomes an infectious underground movement. A Swiss bank clerk commits the seemingly senseless murder of a colleague. The public prosecutor assigned to the case finds he understands the murderer better than himself. Thousands join in and ‘take to the axe’ as those in power struggle to understand and contain the violence. It is a movement without politics and without demands - a movement for freedom, but from what and at what cost?

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