Cuddles by Joseph Wilde at Ovalhouse Upstairs

Ovalhouse and Arch 468 presents Cuddles, by Joseph Wilde, at Ovalhouse Upstairs theatre, in south London, from 14 May to 1 June 2013.

It is directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord , designed by James Turner, lighting by Pablo Baz, sound by Edward Lewis. Cast includes Carla Langley (Eve), Rendah Heywood (Tabby)

A Vampire tale confronts the effects of consumerism on a young society. Teenage vampire Eve has never known what sunlight is. Everything the 13-year-old knows about the world is derived from what her sister Tabby has told her. She has never left her darkened room and has just one living, breathing human to cuddle. She lives in a world crammed with story book characters. In Eve’s world Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins and the cast of Dante’s Inferno are real; where princes with adjectives instead of names seduce beautiful princesses against the odds. Eve does everything a good little vampire girl should, including drinking her (human) sister’s blood. But one day, Tabby tires of opening her veins and, in a breath, Eve’s whole world changes

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