Death Row Cowboy at the Courtyard Theatre

Three Peas Theatre will present the UK Premiere of Death Row Cowboy by Andrew Lynch & Mark McCabe at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, east London, from 2 to 12 April 2015.

Directed by Florence Bell, the cast includes Rose O'Loughlin, Andrew Lynch, and Mark McCabe.

"In Jackson County, Oklahoma, 18 year old Carl Brant dials 911 and calmly tells the operator he has just shot a police officer and his own mother. Five years from the crime that shook the rural town, a date has been set for his execution. For Hillary Reece, the police officer's widow, the final chance to get an answer for her husband's death is quickly fading. She seeks the help from the one man who can get close to Brant, local prison officer and childhood schoolmate, Bobby Brewer. Eager to please he sets out to get the answers she craves, however for Brewer's own intentions conflict with Hillary's search for the truth, leading to the faith of the young man resting in Bobby's hands."

Written by first time playwrights Andrew Lynch and Mark McCabe, the piece made its debut in Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre in January 2014.

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