Desert Boy By Mojisola Adebayo at Albany from 28 April

Nitro and The Albany presents Desert Boy, By Mojisola Adebayo, with music by Alllyson Devenish, at the Albany Theatre, in south London, from 28 April to 15 May 2010, before embarking on a national tour.

It is directed by Felix Cross, and features Emanuel Idowu (Soldier Boy), Femi Ogunbanjo (Desert Man).

Soldier Boy, a troubled teenage hoody lands on Deptford beach with a knife in his stomach. As he lies crying for his mother his cries are heard through the centuries by the long-dead Desert Man, a mysterious man from Mali 300 years ago. The story transcends inner city streets to slave ships on the open seas as both man and boy share the absurdity and brutality of their history in order to shape their future.

Set on Deptford Beach, Desert Boy is a new musical which offers an eclectic mix of modern and traditional styles of music from Mali to hip hop, from gospel to rap. An a cappella musical with African story-telling and songs woven seamlessly together using dance and drama.

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