Doctor Faustus at the White Bear Theatre from 27 Sep

Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe, directed by Andrew Hobbs, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington, south London, from 27 Sep to 2 Oct 2011.

Presented by British Touring Shakespeare in association with Facsimile Productions.

Cast includes Robert Paul (Dr Faustus); Edward Pemberton (Mephistopheles); Edward Cartwright (Wagner/Emperor); Anton Shelupanov (Lucifer/Valdes); Sp Howarth (Beelzebub/Cornelius); Hugh Hemmings (Pope/Old Man); Lucyelle Cliffe (Angel); Simon J Grant (Robin/Student); Emma Burn (Dick/Student); Alistair Smith (Vintner/Scholar); Hannah-ray Darcey (Dancer); Jessica Hill (Dancer); Stephanie Porter (Dancer).

Choreography by Lucyelle Cliffe, lighting by Catherine Webb; Costumes by Mary Hearne.

Alienated imagination or deranged mind? Ambitious aspirer or narcissistic maniac? In a topsy turvy world where antiquity rubs shoulders with a hell which is everywhere - and no sign of heaven in sight - Doctor Faustus may seem to some remarkably modern. The Faustian pact, involving a compromise of humanity for your heart’s desire is as much a part of modern life as any religious doctrine.

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