Euler's Circles at Brockley Jack Theatre 17 Aug

Constructive Interference presents Euler's Circles , by Peter Norgate, at the Brockley Jack Theatre, a fringe venue in south London, 17 to 28 Aug 2010.

Directed by Lavinia Hollands, designed by David Illari, sound by Andrew Pisanu & Alexis Carr.

Cast includes Dominique Gerrard, Claire Dixon, Edward Cartwright, Sophie Talbot

Laura knows it's her fault and wants to say sorry. Rowena's stuck in a house of boxes selling a million things on eBay and never sees a soul, except Geoff, who's pissing his life up the side of his transit van. When Laura plucks up the courage to explain what happened, a box is thrown open spilling everything they want to keep safe out into the light. It won't be the same anymore. They're back in the world, and their Asperger’s and Bell's palsy aren't reasons enough for them to stop facing it head on.

*Constructive Interference challenges external perceptions and promotes new writing that is by and for able and disabled audiences. Labels are easy. Doing is hard.

*Bell’s palsy is an acquired weakness of one side of the face, due to an injury to the facial nerve affecting 25-100,000 people every year.

*Asperger’s syndrome is an autistic disorder most notable for the discrepancy between the intellectual and social abilities of those who have it. 3-7 people in every 1000 have the syndrome

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