Evening Of Neo-absurdism by Phil Jacobs at Hen & Chickens

All in one Theatre, a non realist, imagination based theatre company, presents An Evening Of Neo-absurdism a triple Bill by Phil Jacobs, directed by Nadia Maria (aka Papachronopolou), at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, a fringe venue at Highbury Corner, in north London, from 15 May to 2 June 2012.

CLOSE CIRCUIT LOVE - A man at a bus stop is spoken to by a CCTV operator. Can you fall in love with a disembodied voice ? Here is a man willing to try. Topics explored include crime, surveillance, love, forgiveness and the correct way to dispose of litter.

OH VIENNA ! From the streets of Inner London to the byways of Inner Space. All the action in Oh Vienna takes place in the minds of the two lead characters, brother and sister Kenneth and Karen. Karen applies for a job as Emperor of Austria and ends up in a prison cell awaiting her execution. Kenneth marries Sigmund Freud’s mother and suffers attempts on his life by Sigmund who falls victim to one of his own complexes. File under ‘dream narrative’ or more accurately, ‘nightmare narrative’

CIRCLE LINE SAGA. Back to London and we go underground for the final piece. Another duologue, this time between a London Transport platform announcer and a writer of Romantic fiction. Can the two worlds be reconciled ? Can there be romance in the tube tunnels, is there a timetable for love ?

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