Extremities by William Mastrosimone at the Courtyard

Epsilon Productions presents Extremities by William Mastrosimone, in the Studio at Courtyard Theatre, in Islington, north London, from 8 to 27 March 2011.

Extremities takes us on a journey of exploration through the impulses of self-preservation & revenge. Today is a day like any other. Nothing new is planned for Marjorie’s morning other than clearing away the breakfast plates left by housemates Terry & Patricia & easing her way into the afternoon, until this summer’s morning brings two unwelcome visitors: the first, a wasp, stings Marjorie but escapes, the second, Raul, a stranger & serial rapist does not. This time he has met his match. The housemates return to find the tables turned and Marjorie in control of Raul but not quite of herself. Who will their loyalties lie with? Who is the victim now? And whom will they believe?

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