Faith by Meredith Oakes at the Courtyard Theatre

Faith by Meredith Oakes, at the Courtyard Theatre, in north London, from 23 May to 16 June 2012.

The cast features Charlie Clements, best known as Bradley Branning in EastEnders. Clements plays Pvt Mick Pike , Ian Sharp (Lance Corporal Adam Ziller), Alexander Wolfe (Pvt Lee Finch) , Anthony Green (Sgt Toby Spiers), Mawgan Gyles (Larry).

It is directed by Drew Baker, and produced by Achilles Entertainments and PACM Entertainments Ltd.

A group of British soldiers face nightmarish contradictions in an isolated farmhouse on the edge of the battle to recapture the Falkands from the invading Argentine forces.

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