Finborough Theatre Season - 30 Nov 2010 to 26 Feb 2011

Coming up at the Finborough Theatre, a fringe venue near Earl's Court, west London, from 30 Nov 2010 to 26 Feb 2011 .

30 Nov - 22 Dec 2010
Quality Street, by J.M. Barrie. Directed by Louise Hill. produced by Coracle in association with Neil McPherson. Starring Tamzin Aitken, Daisy Ashford, Hannah Boyde, Kate Cooke, Alan Devally, Katie Ellen-Jones, Jack Hardwick, Catherine Harvey, James Rastall, Claire Redcliffe, James Russell, Zoe Thorne. Set in the time of the Napoleonic wars, Quality Street is a tale of romance, enchantment and the transformative power of love. As snow falls in Quality Street, Dr Valentine Brown enlists in the army, leaving Miss Phoebe Throssel broken-hearted. Undaunted, she and her sister Susan set up a school and resign themselves to a life of algebra, headaches and unruly pupils. Ten years pass and a victorious army returns from the Battle of Waterloo. A ball is thrown in their honour, but the years have taken their toll and Phoebe's dancing days are done. At the ball, every soldier is entranced by a mysterious beauty whom no one has seen before. Will Captain Brown also fall under her spell, or is it still possible to right the wrongs of a decade ago?

4 - 29 Jan 2011
The Potting Shed, by Graham Greene. Directed by Svetlana Dimcovic. Starring Eileen Battye. Emma Beattie. Paul Cawley. Carl Ferguson. David Gooderson. Janet Hargreaves. Lorna Jones, Charlie Roe. Zoe Thorne. Mario Vernazza. Martin Wimbush.An estranged son desperately searches for the missing childhood memories that left him rejected by his father, alienated from his family and alone in the world. After a generation of denial, will the Callifer family ever end their silence on what happened in the potting shed all those years ago?

1 - 26 Feb 2011
Accolade, by Emlyn Williams. Directed by Blanche McIntyre. Will Trenting, famous for his scandalous novels, is about to be knighted – an accolade which will welcome him to the establishment. But Will has been leading a double life and the award turns a spotlight on it. Tales surface of drunken parties, orgies and rough trade, and on the eve of his knighthood Will is accused of a shocking crime. Threatened with blackmail, Will has to decide where his priorities lie. Darkly comic and shocking, Accolade blows the lid off British hypocrisy.

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