Fit and Proper People at the Soho Theatre from 7 Oct

Soho Theatre in association with The Royal Shakespeare Company presents Fit and Proper People, by Georgia Fitch, at the Soho Theatre, an off West End venue near Piccadilly, central London, from 7 Oct to 5 Nov 2011

Directed by Steve Marmion and designed by Tom Piper.

Casey Layton is back home. She's here to sort her club out and plans to get them back in the Premier League. Make it global. They have some problems to solve. The solution is obvious. Money. And Casey knows where to get it. Set in the world of Championship football; FIT AND PROPER PEOPLE takes a hard look at our beautiful game. Transforming the theatre into a football stadium with real turf, floodlights and constant media coverage, the play exposes the backstage dealings that manufacture our national heroes and addresses the very topical question of who is running our social and cultural instituations.

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