Flight at the Jack Studio Theatre in January

Ballast Theatre presents Flight, by Mikhail Bulgakov, adapted by Howard Colyer at the Jack Studio Theatre, a 50-seat fringe venue, adjoining the Brockley Jack Pub, in Brockley, south London, from 14 Jan to 1 Feb 2014.

Directed by Scott Le Crass, design by Kemey Lafond, sound by Max Pappenheim. Cast includes Josephine Rogers, Laura Mulholland, Nadia Shash, Callum Cameron, Alec Gray, Miles Le Versha, Declan Cooke, David Bromley, Simon Alexander, Will McGeough, Christopher Poke, Matthew Ward.

Following the fate of a small group of Russians from the Crimea to Constantinople to Paris. The Civil War is drawing to an end in Russia. The White Army is disintegrating and a wave of refugees is about to descend on Turkey, and then spread across Europe.

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