Freedom by Rick Limentani at Arcola Theatre

Freedom, by Rick Limentani is at the Arcola Theatre Studio 2, east London, from 25 Jan 2012 - 18 Feb 2012.

Design by Miguel Cobos, sound by Paul Micah, lighting by Andrew Brook, Paul Micah, costumes by Raul Amor and produced by Rebeca Cobos and Parlon.

Cast includes Rebeca Cobos, Indranyl Singharay, Rian Perle.

This is a story divided between Tajikistan and England, told in split screen, following three characters forced to choose between their own freedom and each others: there’s Benham, an opium farmer, desperately trying to prove a lie he told to his gangster masters; his son, Fariad, who reluctantly travels to England as part of his father’s scheme, only to find that he likes the western way of life; and Jennifer, a damaged girl who falls for Fariad’s unorthodox charms.

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