Fringe Festival Hangover at the Lion and Unicorn

Giant Olive Theatre Company presents Fringe Festival Hangover at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, north London, from 7 Sep 2010.

Productions include...

7 to 12 Sep 2010
Cleaning Agents by Edwin Preece, directed by Stella Willow, produced by Providence Productions. A short comedy about sex, whips, heart attacks and how to get your house clean. You meet some odd people in a hospital waiting room. Pamela is horrified by Titania's appearance and Titania is appalled by Pamela's outlook on life. However, this is not the chance encounter it seems.

13 to 18 Sep 2010
Terrorism by Presnyakov brothers, produced by Giant Olive’s NTA in association with Kingston University's 'Kudos'. Surreal comedy with a sharp, dark edge. An airport bomb scare is the starting point for an investigation of more subtle and surprising acts of terrorism, asking just who is terrorising whom in the home, the workplace and the street?

28 Sep to 3 Oct 2010
War and Peas by Dermot O'Dolan, produced by Fresh Productions. Join Olga and Alexander (or is it Yuri?) as they hurtle through an evening of visitations from some strange, and sometimes familiar, characters. Is the stranger a spy, or their son? Is he a Brigadier or an Admiral? Will they save their apples from the tax inspector? Will Don Corleone find all his oranges? War and Peas is a teatro misto of the Cherry Orchard, The Godfather, and Gardener's World, with a sprinkle in a bit of Chernobyl, phishing e-mails and a Somalian Pirate.

5 to 10 Oct 2010
The Sexes by Polis Loizou, produced by The Off-Off-Off Broadway Company. A darkly amusing, gender-bending portrait of a relationship. A provocative blend of theatre and video. The study of old wounds and crumbling facades.

19 Oct to 6 Nov 2010
Trading Faces by The Actors Ensemble, directed by Sam Rumbelowy. Can you have passion and not fall in love? If you are involved can you have it all? What if your passions get the better of you? Three couples. Three complications. And one on the way.

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