Full line-up announced for magic show The Illusionists in the West End

The Illusionists

The full line-up of acts has been announced for The Illusionists, which comes to the Shaftesbury Theatre later this year.

The Illusionists returns to the West End after it last played in London at the Noel Coward Theatre in 2015, and tours regularly across the world.

Running at the Shaftesbury from 6th July to 1st September, the upcoming London production will star James More, Enzo, Yu Ho-Jin, Adam Trent, Chris Cox, Paul Dabek and Jonathan Goodwin.

James More – 'The Showman' – rose to prominence following his run on Britain’s Got Talent in 2013, and is credited as being the first British magician to perform on Broadway. 'The Unforgettable' Enzo made his name on France’s Got Talen in 2013, and premiered his show Beyond Illusions at Casino de Paris in 2015.

'The Manipulator' Yu Ho-Jin has won world magic competitions and has toured with The Illusionists for a number of years, while 'The Futurist' Adam Trent has frequently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has previously toured the US with The Illusionists.

'The Mentalist' Chris Cox is a mind reader who starred in the West End show Impossible in 2015, while 'The Trickster' Paul Dabek has performed across the world including in his own Las Vegas show.

The will be joined by 'The Daredevil' and Escape Artist Jonathan Goodwin, a stunt performer whose list of stunts include hanging from a helicopter by his toes, and being sewn up inside a dead cow.

The Illusionists is at the Shaftesbury Theatre from 6th July to 1st September.

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