Further shows announced at the Etcetera Theatre

Further shows have been announced at the Etcetera Theatre, a fringe venue in Camden, north London...

Pathological, by Freddy Syborn, from 10 to 14 Nov 2010. Paul is a massive liar. He can’t get close to women...He works in a morgue, loves Lethal Weapon, hates TV, can’t sing, can’t dance and frequently gets on the wrong side of sensitive bouncers. He also can’t really act.

The Universal , by Kate Webster, presented by My Own Private Submarine , from 17 to 20 Nov 2010. For the open-minded and broken-hearted, a play about love, quantum theory and what makes the world go round.

The Wolfman Cometh, from 7 to 12 Dec 2010. Work ain't fun when you're the PA to an evil overlord. Wolfman (30, part wolf) just wants an afternoon off to go dragon-watching and let out the waistband on his pantaloons. Join us for a one hour comedy quest (with live ocarina music) through a fantasy landscape, as one man (part wolf) goes way outside his job description, does a lot of one-armed press ups and tries to save the world.

The Box Set , Fourplay Theatre present 2 adult comedies from Carla Griffiths Box Set series: The Box & The Italian Assassin , from 14 to 19 Dec 2010. The Box: A comedy surrounding two flatmates with secretive pasts and the paranoia they experience over the delivery of a mystery box. : The Italian Assassin What do you do when an assassin comes for you?

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