Game Theory - new play double bill at Tristan Bates

Game Theory, a new double bill of one act plays from a female writer and director duo that brings topical medical practices to the stage for the first time will run at Tristan Bates Theatre from 31st March to 18th April 2015, with an official opening on 1 April 2015.

Both dramas are written by Odessa Celt with direction by Lois Jeary and feature two modern medical practices, hymenoplasty and genomic sequencing.

In 'Membrane', a British-Arab woman visits a cosmetic surgeon to request hymen reconstruction ahead of her wedding. As the doctor-patient relationship unfolds it sparks a debate on the value of virginity and the nature of choice across gender and cultural divides.

'Mutiny' imagines a time in the near-future where newborn genomic sequencing is a common procedure, as a couple grapple with what the implications may be of sequencing their baby son's genome.

The cast for the double-bill will include Andrew Pugsley, Nadia Shash and Georgina Blackledge.

As well as providing thought provoking dramas the production aims to enrich the audience's experience of theatre as a forum for encountering these social issues by offering a programme of post-show panel discussions, Q&As and debates.

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