Ghost Storyteller & Fantasy Terrorist Variations - B'ons Crt

Milk Bottle Productions presents two shows at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in Kensington, west London, from 27 Nov to 6 Jan 2013. Both are written by Robert Crighton.

Ghost Storyteller, at 7.30pm, performed by Robert Crighton. A lightly comic selection of ghost stories. From the ghosts of empty houses, to the personal ghosts we carry around us, this collection is a mixture of the fantastic and the 'real'; including the tale of a poltergeist hamster and the pub that cried ghost.

The Fantasy Terrorist Variations, at 9pm, performed by Keith Hill & Simon Nade. A series of stories spun from ‘Fantasy Terrorist League’. A man is interned as a terrorist on the flimsiest of grounds, a chancer looks how to make money out of counter-terrorism; and the story of the non-existent artwork that might get people killed. The Fantasy Terrorist Variations is a 'powerful' account of fear, the policeman on our streets and the ones in our heads.

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