Globe Theatre Announce 2003 Season

Globe Theatre Announce 2003 Season

The Globe Theatre has announced its 2003 Season titled "The Season of Regime Change".

Public Booking opens 12 Feb 2003.

Productions include.....

8 May to 27 Sep
Richard II
directed by Tim Carroll and starring Mark Rylance (Richard II), Liam Brennan (Henry Bolingbroke).

An all Male production exploring clothing, music, dance and settings possible in the original Globe of 1603.

In Britain, since William the Conqueror, the human and devine had met unbroken, undisputed, in the person of the king.Edward III had seven sons. His eldest died and his grandson, Richard, became the King: Kind Richard II.But now, King Richard's uncle has been murdered. The King's associate has been accused. The King has exiled the accused and the accuser - his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, whose father, John of Gaunt, has died broken hearted. And, the Irish want their freedom so the King has waged a war. To pay his soldiers, he's taken the estate of John of Gaunt, the inheritance of the exiled Henry Bolingbroke... Individual, family, country, and divine rule are shattered when Henry Bolingbroke demands a change of regime.


25 May to 27 Sep
Richard III
directed by Barry Kyle and starring Kathryn Hunter (Richard III)

An all female production exploring clothing, music, dance and settings possible in the original Globe of 1603.

Since Richard II's abdication and Henry Bolingbroke's enthronement, civil war has raged between the Houses of York and Lancaster. Following King Edward IV's death, his young son is crowned King Edward V, with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as his Protector.But now, the Protector's associates have accused Edward IV of illegitimacy, imprisoned Edward V in the Tower, and implored the humble and reluctant Protector to become King Richard III.Privately, however, it is rumoured that Richard's rise may not be as accidental as it seems. The Duke of Clarence's murder, officially blamed on follers of Edward IV's wife, has resulted in a spate of revenge killings, all of them commanded by King Richard and his associates.Who killed the Duke of Clarence? Was Richard really so reluctant to ascend the throne? Where is the evidence of Edward IV's illegitimacy? Who has heard from the political prisoners in the Tower?When tyrannical powers take hold of a state who dares change the regime.


6 Jun to 18 Aug
Dido, Queen of Carthage
by Christopher Marlowe

A modern practices production which exploring clothing, music, dance and settings possible in 2003

In the wake of achange of regime in Troy, the Gods are busy re-establishing order among their human subjects. Concerned for the well-being of Aeneas and his men, who are shipwrecked and beseiged at sea by storms after fleeing Troy, Aeneas' mother Venus persuades Jupiter to give the sufferers some respite. With hisfellow survivors, Aeneas arrives on the strange African coast of Carthage.Haunted by the treachery and misery of the Trojans' defeat, he is greeted by the beautiful Queen Dido. At the contrivance of Venus and her son Cupid, Dido and Aeneas begin a passionate romance.


20 Jul to 26 Sep
Edward II
by Christopher Marlowe, directed by Timothy Walker and starring Liam Brennan (Edward II)

An all Male production exploring clothing, music, dance and settings possible in the original Globe of 1603.

Edward II's father dreamt of a united Britain. During his reign, Edward I managed to conquer Wales, and waged awar to annex Scotland - a conflict which his son, Edward, Prince of Wales, has inherited.But Edward II is not like his father. Unable to adjust to the change of regime, public and private opinion says he is not a great leader - still less a great warrior. To his subjects , the KIng seems happier to reward his male favourites than to deal with the problems at hand. Jealous nobles particularly resent Piers Gaveston, who was banished by Edward I for exerting undue influence on his son, but who returned to favour when Prince became King.The war is still raging in Scotland, and problems in France demand the King's attention. It is time for Edward to take the lead - but will he act decisively when senior magnates, with Edward's now adulterous wife, want to bring down theKing's ever-decreasing circle of flatterers and favourites? And what will the outcome mean for the KIng's young son: Edward III to be?


10 Aug to 28 Sep
Taming of the Shrew
directed by Barry Kyle

An all female production exploring clothing, music, dance and settings possible in the original Globe of 1603.

Tells the story of Petruccio, a young man from Verona in search of great wealth in Padua. He meets Katherine, a strong-willed soul, notorious for her wit and independence. Tempted by the promise of a favourable dowry, and eager to help his friend woo Katherine's younger sister Bianca, Petruccio sets about courting the reluctant 'shrew'.With itsinfamous final scene, when the bond between Petruccio and Katherine isfinally put the test, The Taming of the Shrew is a tale of the change of regime between an independent man and woman when they unite in love and marriage.

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