Graeae Theatre Company presents Mother Courage And Her Children

Graeae Theatre Company presents Mother Courage And Her Children

Graeae Theatre Company one of Britain's leading company of disabled theatre practitioners, presents Mother Courage And Her Children by Bertholt Brecht, in a version by Lee Hall, at various venues. (7 to 26 July 03).

The company brings together an ensemble of twelve actors, fresh from Graeae's Missing Piece performance training at London Metropolitan University. Exclusively for physically disabled and sensory impaired adults, it is the only training programme of its kind leading directly to a professional production.

War rages all around and for Mother Courage, business is booming under fire. Determined to keep her livelihood and her family alive, she drags her children and her cart of booty across the battlefields, desperate to make a profit in a country ravaged by war. But in a world of uncertain threats and enemies, even Mother Courage cannot control her fate as she faces her own battle - a fight to keep her children.

"Fusing pathos and comedy, Graeae's production of Brecht's epic and timeless masterpiece of struggle and survival is set against a backdrop evocative of Britain from the 1980's to the present, and a society divided between corporate identity and the individual." Mother Courage is directed by Jan-Willem van den Bosch and designed by Liz Cooke

July 7 The Albany, Deptford
July 11 & 12 Riverside Studios
July 16 Jacksons Lane
July 17 Stratford Circus
July 18 & 19 Young Vic Studio
July 21 & 22 Millfield Theatre
July 23 Chat's Palace
July 24 & 25 Theatro Technis
July 26 RADA

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