Guide to the most classically British attractions in London

London boasts an array of must-see attractions, but certain landmarks and activities are unmissable for visitors seeking the quintessential British experience.

Bea Maynard
Bea Maynard

Around 30 million tourists visit London, England, each year, flocking to see the wide variety of things that make it world-famous. The capital is known for bright red telephone boxes, double-decker buses, black cabs, Beefeaters, and the often overcast weather. All these are quintessentially British, and London is also home to many famous landmarks known for being amongst the best in Britain.

Whether they are known for their historical importance, striking impact on the city skyline, or accurate reflection of English society, these London attractions are must-sees if you’re a tourist looking for the authentic British experience. We have put together the ultimate guide to London’s most British attractions so you can keep calm and carry on while discovering the heart of U.K. culture.

The London Eye

It’s difficult to imagine the capital’s skyline without the London Eye among the high-rise architecture. The 443-foot Ferris wheel is one of London’s most well-known features, attracting over 3.5 million visitors annually. Initially built as a temporary structure intended to last five years to celebrate the 2000 millennium, the Eye was granted a permanent license after just two years of operation.

A ride on the London Eye is a must-do experience for tourists looking to experience a one-of-a-kind vista of the capital city. By booking tickets to the London Eye, you’ll travel around the famous wheel in one of the 32 glass-enclosed capsules for 30 minutes and get a bird’s-eye view of other remarkable London landmarks - whilst standing in one! On a clear day, you can see up to 40 kilometres away with a 360-degree panorama of the bustling city, from Windsor Castle to Wembley Stadium. The London Eye boasts some of the most iconic views in the world.

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Buckingham Palace

This royal palace is one of the most famous buildings in Europe and is the official residence of the British monarchy. Situated in the centre of Westminster, Buckingham Palace stretches over 35 acres, has 775 rooms, and was built in 1703.

During the summer, whilst the palace isn’t being used officially, visitors can witness the 19 astonishing State Rooms, where the Royal Family holds ceremonial events and official gatherings. You can take an exclusive look into one of the only remaining working palaces in the world and marvel at the space furnished with some of the most prized possessions in the Royal Collection.

This royal experience offers a behind-the-scenes look into the residence of the family who have upheld the United Kingdom for centuries.

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Tea on the Thames

You can't get more British than sipping a cup of tea on the River Thames. Enjoy a gentle cruise down the longest river in England whilst eating a range of traditional treats and taking in the waterside landmarks along the way. This new experience runs Monday to Friday and is the perfect way to relax after other typically British activities.

The City Cruises depart from Tower pier in the afternoon, so it is the perfect time to enjoy scones, sandwiches, cakes, and other sweet goodies as part of a typical afternoon tea. All of this comes with unlimited tea and coffee – perfect!

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London Dungeons

Not all of London’s landmarks can be seen from the water or air. Some are entirely underground! Take a trip to the London Dungeons to see the scarier side of British history and learn about some of the most notorious criminals that have ever lived in the country.

Embark on an utterly chilling experience that plunges you into the darkest depths of history. Live actors will have you cackling with laughter one moment and jumping out of your skin the next as they spin gripping tales of witchcraft, the infamous Sweeney Todd, the deadly Plague, and more. Featuring bone-chilling storytelling, 19 interactive shows, and even hair-raising rides, this London Dungeon experience is an exhilarating trip through Britain's history.

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Tower of London

Another attraction rich with British history and thousands of striking tales to tell is the Tower of London. Home to the real Crown Jewels, the White Tower, and the famous highly intelligent Ravens, this landmark is a must-visit if you want to learn the centuries-old stories hidden in its walls.

Discover the fascinating history of the Tower of London, spanning from its construction in 1097 to the magnificent reigns of queens, kings, and knights. You'll also learn about its more exotic residents of the past, including elephants, lions, and countless other intriguing creatures.

Whilst no royalty lives there anymore, the Yoedman Warders (Beefeaters) still occupy parts of the tower with their families to protect the building. If you time it right, you may also witness the Ceremony of the Keys, an event that has occurred every day for the past 700 years.

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