Hamlet by Recognition Theatre at Brockley Jack 7 Sep

Recognition Theatre Company presents Hamlet by William Shakespeare, at the Brockley Jack Theatre, a fringe venue in south London, from 7 to 25 Sep 2010.

Directed by Tanith Lindon and designed by Bethan Robinson, cast includes Edward Cartwright, Helen Clapp, Davin Eadie, Josh Enright, Robert Paul, Lindsey Readman, Robin Rightmyer, Leanne Rivers, Adam Smethurst, Kane Surrey .

Recognition Theatre’s production sets Hamlet in the inter-war period of the 1930s, an era characterised by loss and foreboding, bereaved families torn apart by World War One and wracked with uncertainty for the future. Hamlet returns to the family estate from university to find his beloved father dead and his mother hastily remarried. Suspicious and spurred by a thirst for revenge, he unleashes a chain of unexpected and drastic consequences.

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