Hampstead Theatre Downstairs New Year 2015 Season

The Hampstead Theatre Downstairs, an 80-seat studio below the main stage, has announced two plays that will play as part of it's New Year 2015 Season:

The Wasp, by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, directed by Tom Attenborough and with set design by David Woodhead, from 29 January to 7 March 2015. Synopsis: "Heather and Carla haven’t seen each other since school. Their lives have taken very different paths – Carla lives a hand to mouth existence while Heather has a high-flying career, husband and a beautiful home. And yet, here they are in a café having tea and making awkward conversation. That is until Heather presents Carla with a bag containing a significant amount of cash and an unexpected proposition..."

Deposit, by Matt Hartley, from 12 March to 11 April 2015. The play is directed by Lisa Spirling and has set design by Polly Sullivan. Synopsis: "Rachel and Ben want to buy a flat in London. And so do their friends, Melanie and Sam. But what with rent, tax, student loans, pensions and bills, it’s impossible to save for a deposit. So the foursome come up with a fast-track solution to the problem: live together. Sneakily split the rent and bills on a tiny one bedroom flat for a year. But with paper thin walls and space growing sparser by the day, which will they sacrifice first – the friendship, the relationship or the dream of buying their own property?"

Both productions are presented by Hampstead Theatre and The Peter Wolff Trust.

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