Henna Night by Amy Rosenthal at the New Diorama

Amy Rosenthal's 1999 Sunday Times Drama Award winning play Henna Night will be revived at the New Diorama Theatre in central London, running from Tue 10 to Sat 28 June 2014.

The new production will be directed by the founder of Liverpool's Everyman Theatre and Head of Theatre Directing at Mountview Academy, Peter James. It will star Hatty Preston as Judith and Nicola Daley as Ros.

"I went to Boots today and I bought a packet of henna and some razor blades. I thought, ok, I'm going to go home, drink a bottle of wine, and then depending how I feel tomorrow morning, I'll either slash my wrists or dye my hair. Either way, I'll ruin my bathroom carpet."

Henna Night promises to be a play of intense emotions and subtle humour, exploring the fine balance of mutual understanding, empathy and jealousy that governs human relationships, and the fine divide between friendship and animosity.

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