Hidden in the Sand by James Phillips - Trafalgar Studios

Hidden in the Sand, written & directed by James Phillips, opens at the Trafalgar Studios 2 Theatre, 4 Oct 2013, following previews from 1 Oct - running to 26 Oct 2013.

Starring Daphne Alexander (Sophia Green), Sally Dexter (Alexandra Chrysostomou), Scott Handy (Jonathan Hunt) Yolanda Vazquez (Eleni Green).

Alexandra, a refugee from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, has made a home in London where for decades she cocoons herself from the ghosts of the past. Until one day she meets Jonathan, an English classical scholar who falls deeply in love with her - a chance meeting that sets in motion a journey of remembrance, overcoming grief and letting go of the past in order to live in the present.

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