Holding Hands at Paschendale at White Bear 2 Mar

Cerberus presents Holding Hands at Paschendale , by Martin Lynch, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington , south London, 2 to 27 Mar 2011.

Directed by Christopher Loscher, designed by Mike Lees , lighting by Vivienne Clavering.

Cast includes Christopher Birks (Mo Coutts), Nick Danan (Willie Harvey)

Based on the true experiences of his grandfather, Martin Lynch's play follows the lives of two men during the Third Battle of Paschendale in 1917.

Takes us back to the killing fields of World War One, where the bravest of men crumbled before the scenes of horror around them. Cockney MO COUTTS and his brother Charlie fought side by side for two years. After Charlie's death, MO's nerve fails him - an unforgivable crime. Owing to this'cowardice' in the heat of battle, he finds himself handcuffed to a dour, tough talking Belfast squaddie: WILLIE HARVEY. The two men are forced to spend four unremitting days and nights, shackled together until the impending court martial. Each is confronted with the other's tragic predicament.

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