Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain at Garrick Theatre

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain, written by Terry Deary, Neal Foster and Ciaran McConville is at the Garrick Theatre from 14 Feb 2012.

Directed by Neal Foster, sound by Nick Sagar, lighting by Jason Taylor, design by Jackie Trousdale, music by Matthew Scott, produced by Birmingham Stage Company.

Cast includes Benedict Martin (Rex), Lauryn Redding (Queenie).

British history is full of barmy people who did nasty things to each other. With blood, battles, murder and mayhem Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain explores stories from Roman, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and WW1 periods and features famous characters such as Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Florence Nightingale and General Earl Haig. Enjoy an episode of Roman Mankychef and find out how to impress your guests with roast dormouse; is it easier to lose your heart or head to horrible Henry? Will Parliament escape gunpowder Guy? Take a peak inside Georgian Crime School, dare to dance the Tyburn jig and find out what a baby farmer did.

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