How To Build a Better Tulip at the Tabard Theatre

New York and London playwright Mark Giesser's latest play How To Build a Better Tulip will run at the Tabard Theatre in west London from 30 Apr to 31 May 2014.

The play is a modern retelling of the novel 'The Black Tulip' by Alexandre Dumas about the importance of good breeding. Dr Audrey Braddock is failing to shake off the voice of her 17th century Dutch ancestor who wants her to complete the failed attempt to breed the perfect black tulip. It's a race against a younger rival, Dr Adrian Vanderpol - but is it possible to engineer a weapon of mass destruction from a single tulip?

The cast for the production includes Zoe Ann Bown, Richard Lynson, Zoe Simon, Molly Vevers, and Martin Wimbush.

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