How to plan a great day out in London

Follow our tips and tricks for a wonderful day out in London and the West End.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

We know that organising a day trip to London, whether its months in advance or the night before can be equally daunting. Choosing where to go and what to see from the seemingly endless possibilities can be a difficult decision. But if you’re constantly asking yourself “what do I need to plan for a day trip to London?” then you’ve come to the right place.

From the action-packed days out that would tire any intrepid explorer, to the calmer trips to London which are planned so meticulously that nothing could go wrong, we’ve got handy tips and tricks to make any London day out wonderful. Come rain or shine, you’ll be a master at London day trips in no time.

What should I wear for a trip to London?

Whatever time of year you visit London, you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing suitable attire. Take our advice here, you’ll want to pack an umbrella in your bag even if the weather forecast says glorious sunshine, as you may get caught short in the rain.

During the winter months, it’s wise to wear a warm coat and a hat, scarf and gloves to make sure you can withstand the freezing temperatures. If you’re visiting London on a sunny day, you can afford to wear fewer layers. But we still advise wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes so you’ll be able to walk for miles around the city without stopping. We also recommend wearing a zipped backpack to fit all your essential items in, as well as leaving room for picking up gifts throughout the day (maybe even enough space for a programme at the theatre!).

London Underground (Photo Credit: Michael Maher)

Do I need to know the London Underground?

Even though the London Underground is a daunting yet colourful network of trains running under the city, you’ll be a London Underground whiz by the end of the day. There are 270 London Underground tube stations across the capital, made up of 200 miles across 11 lines. So wherever you’re fitting, there’s bound to be a stop near your desired destination. If not, there’s hundreds of buses on routes across the city to get you where you need to go while staying above ground.

To get around the London Underground easily, it’s good to have a tube map printed out before you travel or a Tube map app on your phone which will help you navigate around the city easier.

Where should I visit in London?

There’s an infinite amount of activities, events and places to visit in London, so much so it’s impossible to suggest one specific place. While it may seem like London is full of skyscrapers, the city we know and love today is built on centuries of historical change. From the tiny alleyways in the heart of the West End to larger roads such as the Strand, the Mall and Oxford Street, you’ll be able to get a sense of what makes London the world-famous city it is today.

As well as this, there are plenty of attractions to visit that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s needs; whether it be an adrenaline rush or something calmer. From the tranquil scenes at Greenwich Park to the Tower of London, or an artistic escape at the Tate Modern or National Gallery, get out into the city and create your own adventures.

Wicked (Photo credit: Matt Crockett)

Which West End show should I see in London?

Again, with the dozens of theatre shows in London open every night in the West End, it’s impossible to specify one certain show. If you’re looking for a show with history, why not see The Mousetrap at St. Martin’s Theatre — the world’s longest-running show of all time. Or if you’re wanting to see one of the West End’s biggest musicals, why not watch Hamilton, Les Miserables, Wicked or The Lion King?

West End shows are opening up across London weekly, so you can always see something new whenever you decide to visit the theatre. Check out our lists of the top 10 musicals in London and the top 10 plays in London to get you started.

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