HVI: Play of Thrones at the Union Theatre from 6 Jan

Sasha Regan presents The Phil Willmott Company in HVI: Play of Thrones, conceived to appeal to 'Game of Thrones' fans and adapted from the 'Henry VI', 'Wars of the Roses' trilogy, at The Union Theatre, a 40 seat venue in Southwark, south London, from 6 to 24 January 2015.

HVI: Play of Thrones is directed by Phil Willmott and the cast includes Paul Adyefa, Abigail Carter-Simpson, James Clarkson, Penelope Day, Hilary Derrett, Mark Extance, Patrick Holt, Michael Keane, Emma Kelly, Gavin Kerr, Simeon Oakes and Zak Reay-Barry.

Synospis: "The sun has set on the glorious reign of a mighty king leaving his ill prepared son to hold a vast and crumbling empire together whilst enemies watch from every shadow. He must keep the envious and feuding Northern lords in cheque whilst across the sea a warrior enchantress recaptures swathes of the old empire. The King's foes ruthlessly destroy his allies whilst a marriage is brokered with a she-wolf of a foreign queen. All the while a deformed psychopath and his ambitious family wait to plunge the kingdom into a brutal civil war. Winter is coming. Richard III's legendary winter of discontent draws ever closer."

Phil Willmott's previous productions at the Union Theatre have included a re-imagining of 'King Lear' as a Queen's tragedy, a modern world premiere of Shakespeare's 'Double Flashood' and revivals of 'King John' and 'Measure For Measure'.

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