Immersive zombie experience Variant 31 to have world premiere in the West End

Variant 31

A new immersive theatre experience is set to place audience members right at the heart of a zombie horror movie when it opens in the West End next year. 

Variant 31 promises to be a high-adrenaline theatrical show, which will see players wear custom-built technology made for the game that will track every move a player makes. Once wearing this technology, competitors will be able to control every part of their time inside their new world, to see if they can unlock hidden parts and fight for their freedom. 

To win the game, participants must solve puzzles, work in teams and decide their fates as they work to see whether they can beat the game.

Inside the arena, a cast of over 100 professional actors trained in aerial acrobatics, parkour, stage combat and fire poi are set to bring the apocalyptic world to real life, getting face to face with players throughout the game.

When Variant 31 opens at a secret London location in April 2019, it will be cover 25,000 square feet, making it the largest immersive gaming experience in Europe.

Throughout the game, there are four bars which players can escape the video game world and have a drink before getting back to the action. Once players finish the game, they can enter Club Z, a nightclub area with guest DJ's, craft beers and exclusive cocktails. 

The premise of the show sees audience members enter the arena at Toxico Technologies, and force them to avoid a newly-developed deadly serum called 'Variant 31'.

Suitable for adults aged 18 and over, Variant 31 will be a 90-minute theatrical production at a central London location from 13th April 2019. 

Variant 31 will be on at an unknown central London location from 13th April 2019. 

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