"Immodesty Blaize And Walter's Burlesque!" at Arts Theatre from 20 April 2005

"Immodesty Blaize And Walter's Burlesque!" at Arts Theatre from 20 April 2005

Immodesty Blaize And Walter's Burlesque!, will open at the Arts Theatre 3 May 2005, following previews from 20 April 2005, and booking to 18 June 2005

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It is directed by Jane Gibson, designed by David Roger and produced by Andrew Sutton, Edward Snape and Trevor Beattie..

The star of the show, Immodesty Blaize, lauded as the Queen of British Burlesque, has been described as a dynamite bombshell, a radiant Ava Gardner-Goddess reshaping the hourglass with her natural curves and gravity-defying assets!

Her co-star Walter is uniquely talented: a male burlesque star in what is traditionally a woman's world. His performances are comic strip.. modern and sexually charged.

The act includes a chance to get your kicks from Five Spectacular Showgirls, pianist Rod Melvin, the hilarious and poignant clowning of Mr Spike Loons and a giant, eight foot high rocking horse. As the cast dazzle and tease with feathers and bows, corsets and camiknickers, diamonds, diamante, the sharpest stilettos, powdered wigs and whirling tassels, the most outrageously dressed audience members will be invited to the cafe seating at the front of the stalls where they will find themselves part of the entertainment themselves, part of the high octane thrill of great, sexy, satirical, oh-so-cabaret full-on burlesque.

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