In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom at Tristan Bates Theatre

Thrice Ninth Productions presents In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom, by M. G. Yale, at the Tristan Bates Theatre, in Covent Garden, central London, from 10 to 15 Feb 2014.

Directed by Michael Yale, In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom draws from documented cases and explores the complexities of dealing with individual rights.

The cast includes Robert Purdy (Vikenti), Frank Teale (Alik), Andrew Young (The Man), Lyndall Grant (Grace), Danielle Lautier (Emma).

In Russia a man is locked up and abused because of his sexuality and for speaking out against injustice. In London the consequences of that abuse lead to a desperate claim for asylum. A group of disparate individuals fight for what they believe to be right — however what some see as justified measures, others see as savage acts.

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