Intimate Exchanges: A Pageant - Pentameters Theatre

Alan Ayckbourn's comedy Intimate Exchanges: A Pageant will run at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead, north London from 8 Apr to 27 Apr 2014.

The production is directed by Michael Friend and stars Bethany Blake and Cameron Robertson in the two hander. 'Intimate Exchanges' was written between 1982 and 1983 and is made up of eight major stories all originating from one opening scene. As the play develops, the characters make choices which causes the story to go in one of two directions, leading to one of 16 possible conclusions. It was nominated for the 1984 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

A Pageant follows Toby, a headmaster with the largest collection of empty whisky bottles in the country. As he attempts to stop his wife, Celia, from throwing herself into the arms of his school's handyman she is similarly attempting to keep her husband safe from the clutches of young Sylvie who is looking for an education - and more?

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