Jennifer Saunders to write book for Spice Girl Musical

Jennifer Saunders, who co-wrote Absolutely Fabulous and many of the French and Saunders sketches, to write book for Spice Girl Musical, Viva Forever, which is expected to open in West End in 2012.

Judy Craymer's new musical, VIVA FOREVER, is a modern fable of camaraderie, love and loyalty based on the songs of the Spice Girls.

In confirming the announcement, Judy said, "Having Jennifer Saunders on board is the best possible start VIVA FOREVER can have. We are creating a new contemporary story about friendship, celebrity and fame with the music of the Spice Girls. Jennifer is brilliant at writing about these themes and the Spice Girls' songs connect powerfully in a smart and moving way."

Jennifer Saunders,said: "I'm thrilled and terrified at the same time. It is very exciting to be writing a musical that encompasses the music and energy of the biggest girl-band of all time. My daughters grew up with The Spice Girls; I had to write the book for them as well as myself. It has been great fun so far."

Simon Fuller, the Spice Girls' manager, said, "The girls and I are really happy that Jennifer is writing the book. She has really identified and incorporated what the Spice Girls represent to women around the world."

VIVA FOREVER is produced by Judy Craymer in association with Universal Music, Simon Fuller and the Spice Girls.

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