Joking Apart at the Union Theatre 13 Dec 2011.

Joking Apart, written by Alan Ayckbourn, is at the Union Theatre, Southwark, from 13 Dec 2011 - 14 Jan 2012.

Directed by Ben De Wynter, designed by Holly Best, lighting by Steve Miller, produced by Regan De Wynter Productions.

Cast includes Jamie Kenna, Andrew Obeney, Charlotte Moore, Claire Marlowe..

Joking Apart is packed taut with observations of human foibles, teasing and toying with the audience. Gently nudging the mood from languor to frenzy and back again as relationships are imperceptibly intertwined. Played out in a back garden over a 12-year period, a near-perfect couple play host to a smug Scandinavian couple, a hesitant hungry Vicar, a neglected girlfriend, an aging lothario and a neurotic housewife.

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