Just So by Stiles & Drewe at Tabard Theatre from 1 Dec

A family musical, Just So, opens at the Tabard Theatre, a fringe venue in Chiswick, west London, from 1 Dec 2010 to 9 Jan 2011.

Music by George Stiles, Lyrics by Anthony Drewe. Adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s timeless Just So Stories.

Directed by Andrew Keates. Produced by Pulling Focus Ltd by arrangement with Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.

Set at the beginning of time, along Africa’s Limpopo River, the Eldest Magician had created a world full of beasts, birds and fish. Everything was just so, until Pau Amma the Crab began playing with the ocean, causing a flood that threatened the other animals. To stop the crab, the Elephant’s Child must embark on a quest down the Limpopo River. With the help of the Kolokolo Bird they discover a world of weird and wonderful creatures and learn how the leopard got his spots, how the rhinoceros got his skin, and how curiosity and a hungry crocodile can turn an elephant’s small nose into a very large trunk.

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